The Secret Sauce to Creating a Winning Speaker Sheet

On our home page, it says, “We help Authors, Speakers and Coaches in two major areas where they consistently fall short: their brand identity and online presence.” We can not exclude speaker sheets from that list. As most of our clients are Authors, Speakers and Coaches, and we're members of those communities, you can say that we've become experts in speaker sheets. I put together this quick guide that highlights all of the elements needed to create a powerful one sheet... the right way. What is a Speaker Sheet and what's it for? Sometimes called One-Sheet, EPK (Electronic Press Kit) or simply Press Kit. As explained by Professional Speaker and Coach, Brian Thomas, "A speaker sheet is a PDF 

Introducing 120 Design Studio 2.0!

120 Design Studio launched on March 28, 2017. As you may have read in our first blog post, 2017 Wins and Losses, we've learned a lot in

2017 Wins & Losses

As we get settled into 2018, I had to take a moment to reflect on the past year. 2017 was an exciting year for 120 Design Studio. We had a l

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