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Web Design Process

1. Discovery

First, I define the scope of the project. I gather information about and for your business; define your specific goals and objectives, target audience and competition; analyze your existing web presence and activities; identify opportunities for improvement, development and growth. I also gather all content needed from you for the website (photos, videos, copy, product information, etc.)

2. Research & Planning

During this step, I conduct my own research on your competitors, other designs that you’re inspired by and trends in your market. I then develop a comprehensive strategy for the project in order to achieve the goals and objectives we uncovered in the discovery process. The plan of action includes specific solutions, deliverables and timelines. Site architecture is identified and agreed upon (exactly what pages you need and where). During this phase, expectations are clearly set for the both of us.

3. Design

Once the blueprint for the site is identified, the next step is to create a visual style. The overall visual style will most likely be influenced by your business' existing brand. My goal is to visually connect the site with all other communication platforms (social media accounts, marketing materials, etc.) Your business' brand plays an important role in this part of the process. It establishes the overall design language of the site. During this phase, I'll design each individual page, develop new content and refine old content, pull in videos, slideshows and podcasts that will appear on the site. If applicable, I'll set up your store by designing product page(s) and connecting your payment processor. Throughout the design process, you'll be kept regularly informed of all progress so you'll always be in the loop on status. 

4. Testing

Before the site is launched, it will be made available where only internal audiences can view it. Testing of the site is critical as there will inevitably be issues that need to be addressed before the site goes live. I'll be looking for spelling errors, and broken links/design elements. At this stage, the site will need to be reviewed on multiple browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and multiple devices (laptops, tablets, and mobile) to see if and where breaks occur. 

5. Launch

The big day! Once the site is approved and ready to launch, we'll pull the curtain back and reveal your shiny new site to the world. I'll have some cool launch graphics ready for you to use on social media if you so choose (I would). Don't worry, I won't turn into a ghost after launch-- the project isn't quite over yet. I'll be prepared to address feedback from users adapting to the new site. There may be some immediate changes that need to be made to the site including fixing broken links, editing copy and making minor visual adjustments. There will be a flood of new visitors to your site looking in all the nooks and crannies so if someone reports an issue, I'll be all over it! :)

6. Post Launch Site Maintenance

Websites are living, breathing entities and need constant care and maintenance. Updating content, making changes to the backend and fixing broken links are things that we'll discuss post-launch. If you need ongoing assistance with these updates to ensure your site keeps running smoothly & securely, maintenance packages are offered. 

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