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Logo Design Process

Hello, again! You’re here because you’re considering choosing 120 Design Studio to design/re-design your logo. Maybe you have one that’s outdated, poorly designed or you don’t have one yet and you want one done right the first time. You've come to the right place. we're honored you're here. 

A logo is not just a pretty icon. A quality logo design is based on research and strategy. A great deal of design education is spent learning how to use visual signals to communicate precisely to your target market. What do you want your customers/prospects to believe about your company? Your brand identity (which a logo is one part of) is what allows you to deliver that message.

Every designer works differently, but most of the components of a good logo design process are similar. I’ll briefly go over our own creative process:

1. Discovery

We start by gathering as much information as we can about your business. We want to know everything there is know about you, your competitors, your target market, and your marketing goals. This comes from the logo questionnaire, the initial consultation and communication with you, and part comes from our own research.

2. Research & Planning

Once we feel we have enough information, we conduct our own research of your competitors and your market, and the other logo styles you appreciate that you shared in the discovery phase.

3. Brainstorming & Sketching

By this phase we have a good idea of the direction we want to go with your logo concepts. we put pencil to paper (really, Apple Pencil to iPad) and sketch. Like mad. We sketch as many ideas as our brains can come up with. Once our hands and brain are cramped, we put the work down and do something else to get our brain to switch modes so we can evaluate the ideas more objectively. Usually, we sleep on it.

4. Designing & Rendering

With a fresh mind, we go back to the sketches and start critically evaluating the concepts. we’ll take the best ideas, clean them up, and then hop on the computer and begin to render the concepts.

5. Review (Phase 1)

Now that we have a few ideas to show you, it’s time to work together again. We review the concepts, discuss which idea works best, and suggest improvements for the first revision cycle.

6. Refinement & Color Exploration

Now that the concept has been decided upon, we take all the suggestions and make the revisions to the logo design. In this phase we'’ll really start working color into the logo, based on a combination of personal choice, your preference, and color theory. There will also be further exploration and refinement of the typography (fancy wording for… wording).

7. Review (Phase 2)

Again, we will review the design together and decide on final refinements.

8. Perfection

This stage is essentially refining the design to the point where it is ready for the world to see. 

9. Approval & File Output

Of course, just because we think it’s ready doesn’t mean you do, but if you’re happy, then the design is approved.  Once the project is complete, we will output the logo in several file formats and sizes, ready to use on your website, social media, photos, promotional materials, signs, and pretty much anywhere you can think of.

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