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Eric Thomas + 120 Design Studio
120 Design Studio

Eric Thomas + 120 Design Studio

Eric Thomas is not only a partner and client of 120 Design Studio, he is family. In fact, 120 stems directly from his 120 philosophy: Give 120% in everything you do. Founder, Marshall Fox, got his start in the graphic design space while in ET's online professional development community, Breathe University. 

Fast forward 4 years later, we have been blessed to do our small part in helping ET reach millions and impact millions. From branding all of his major initiatives, book covers, podcast graphics, to t-shirt designs, we've been able to take ET's brand to the next level.

Below is a small list of some recent design projects we've spearheaded.


”It's ya boy ET and man; I am so excited about this book! You Ain't The Boss of Me is a gamechanger for students, teachers, and parents alike! Being misunderstood by others is a terrible thing. Not knowing who you are or what you can do, and not being able to explain why is even worse! You Ain't the Boss of Me is positioned to educate us all on who we are, who our students, children, classmates are and, how we can all succeed once we know how to play to our strengths by identifying and avoiding our weaknesses!


Every kid has the promise of greatness within them — every single one. The key to nurturing that greatness is knowing each child's unique approach to learning. I'll be honest with you. If you coached football and ran the same plays every game, every week, every season, you'd get beat daily. The best coaches learn their squad's strengths then mix and match their plays to bring out the best in their team. Great teachers do the same. By identifying a kid's unique approach to learning, their "superpower," teachers are better able to coach their students to greatness! Unfortunately, most kids don't even know that they have a superpower and, that's where "You Ain't The Boss Of Me" comes in. Every student CAN succeed! They just need the right tools to make that happen. Every child wants to achieve greatness; it's our job to teach them how.


I firmly believe if you don't know you can fly, you'll always think you can't.”